A diet for a normal weight 2.

The meat portion was originally rationed by price at 1/2 per person per week or £ 2.31 in todays money. You can use this instead of the 1/2 chicken  + mince.
There is an allowance of sugar of 200g, you can use this for cakes or parhaps a bar of dark chocolate, remember to reduce your fat allowance for the amount of fat in the chocolate. There is a beer allowance of half a pint a day of real ale, or I would suggest a bottle  per week of wine. There is no allowance for any soft drinks, not even calorie free or fruit juice and certainly not smoothies. You can substitute freshly pressed fruit juice in a glass container for the beer allowance. Standard tea isn’t limited, but anything you add is counted from your allowance. Count honey as sugar. Coffee is limited to 4 cups and not after 6 in the evening. One cup of cocoa is allowed, as also is water from the tap. Bottled water must be in glass bottles. You can flavour water with a tiny drop of lemon or lime juice if you wish.

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