Let’s start by using banks less, (helpful banking)

First, what do I know? well a couple of examples.

I was an accredited financial advisor in the 1980, during the period of the 1987 stock market crash and the begining of the Financial services authority. I have obtained a refund from my bank, not for payment protection insurance, but for the monthly fee, for an account with extras such as car breakdown cover, which I didn’t want, need, or ask for.

I was in Geneva last week, and while I was there, I changed some out of date swiss banknotes into current notes at the Bank of the Canton. This was my first experience of a Swiss bank, and I found them efficient and helpful. That is to say they took the old notes, gave me new ones, and sent the old ones off in a cannister in a vacuum tube.

Two months ago I changed some Jersey banknotes in an English bank, around the same value as in Switzerland, about £200’s worth.

They were polite and in the end helpful. That is to say they asked for my passport, and several ID questions, and did I have an account with them, because they had to pay the money into the account. As I already had more than 200 pounds in my account, they kindly let me draw it out again.

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    1. The information is here

      I didn’t complain to the ombudsman, I filled out the PPI questionaire, (see under the purple line.)
      I printed this out and sent it to the bank.
      They wrote and said they had been granted extra time etc, and then that it wasn’t PPI, which in my case it wasn’t. But it gave a number to ring, which I rang. I played the standard waiting game while they put me through to india and back. They asked me why I had delayed in making the claim and I explained that I was scared they would cut my credit card off if I complained. Then I finally got someone who could deal with the matter. I timed it 32 minutes. She thanked me for letting them deal with it and not an agent or the ombudsman, and I got back about 130% of what I had paid.

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