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The new leaders guide

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The Labour party and the English

I wrote this as a comment to Labour must speak for England by Joe Jervis in Progress a Labour party magasine.
I know of at least one other person who made a comment.

Even the Guardian has the decency to not take comments, or to say it has deleted a comment.

To allow comments and then not even to look for them, just shows the utter contempt the Labour party has for everyone, not just us. To be fair my comment might well be unfair to the writer of the article, but perhaps too kind to Labour.

I do feel for Joe Jervis, he probably thinks no-one care about his article, when if fact it’s been the subject of discussion on at least one forum, twitter and elswhere.


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  1. On April 27, 2017 at 4:33 pm Mik Clayton responded with… #

    It does read a bit like an idea for marketing Labour, with perhaps just a sprinkling of actually caring about the plight of English folk. There doesn’t seem to be any feeling that anyone in the labour party is English. You should ask members of the public if Jeremy Corbyn is English, I doubt if many will know.
    Such a shame because you are right, no-one want’s the tories, but the Labour party does not recognise that England is the land of the English, it’s our home.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

State pension age increase; Would the government be more likely to agree to this

 The plight of women born in 1953 and later and without any other income except a means tested unemployment belefit or the like worries me greatly.
Whilst I do agree that if the Waspi campaign’s  aims could be achieved rapidly it would be a great achievment I think there are better alternatives.

Just one example, benefit for being unemployed without the need to prove that you are looking for work at 62hrs, pension credit at 63 years and pension at 64 years all rising by 2 years steadily by 2020.

The lack of a need to prove that folk are looking for work would actually save the government money in administration, and put the claiment under much less stress.
Pension credit is much cheaper  than paying a pension to everyone.
And surely if anyone has to wait, it should be those that, whilst entitled to their pension they paid for, are not in dire need.

Men should be entitled to pension credit at 65 which would ease the blow of their pension rising to 66, and would show a genuine concern for fairness.

The death rate has risen by 5% in the last year so the government must be paying out less in pensions than originally expected.

However if money really does need to be saved, it could be to keep the triple lock but reduce the fixed percentage to 1%. Current pensioners would still the higher of prices or wages increase

A manifesto for common folk


Would you like to see the following policies adopted by the new government?

If so, ask your candidate to adopt the common folk manifesto.

A fair voting system, Including an English parliament

The creation of National broadcasting instead of the BBC; i.e. separate  Scotish, Welsh,
N Ireland and England.broadcasting corporations

Anyone involved in child sexual and physical abuse, including those who facilitate such acts should be barred from all positions of authority or work with children, including volontary work.

An end to private firms doing government work, running prisons, deciding on benefit claims etc.

No to TTIP. which will allow international firms (but not UK firms) to sue the government for damages without passing through the courts, for example, if a new environmental law affects their profits.

Stabilisation of the debt (not just the deficit)

English language and English law to be the only ones recognised in England. This is the only way a diverse population can work together. Welsh, Gallic and Irish also recognised in their respective countries.

No sale of the Land Registry. Think of a hedge fund being the only organisation to know who owns what.

Illegal entry into the country to be treated as illegal.

To protect the environment that our forefathers bequeathed to us.

To allow family firms to issue shares without voting rights, so  that they can raise capital without the risk of hedge funds taking over. This is to stop events like Cadbury now owned by Mondelēz International.

To stop subsidising the big banks and allow the creation of local banks.

So we ask any one who supports these policies to vote for which candidate they like, generally not one of the 3 main parties, and to draw your cross with a long stroke from top left to bottom right and a short stroke from top right to bottom left and this second stroke more upright. Your vote will still be valid in the election.002
This will allow voters to point out that none of the major parties offer these things. It won’t directly change anything this time

It would perhaps encourage parties to adopt some of these measures, or the formation of a party or group of independants to adopt such policies, next time round.

Basque Money

006 005

A name for the new money

Like most currencies, the euro is seen as essential, but not exactly respected. The copper coins, were always steel coated in copper and are beginning to be known as eurorouille, or eurorust. This gave me an idea for a name for the new money, Qrust. Earning a crust is a well known saying in English, but using the Q at the front makes it a new word, reminds us of Quid. Because our coins are old they do often have slight oxidation but this is self protecting verdigris, or patina. The metal mellows rather than disintigrates as iron will. The copper content makes them anti-microbial, and so even though nearly 100 years old and often dirty, they are less likely to carry hamful germs than any steel surface, even stainles steel. Does anyone have any thoughts on the name Qrust, or any other suggestions?

A money for anyone who wants to put a gentle 3 fingers up to The System (2)

coinsmercure 002The coins have an image of the God Mercury. His image was also used on Belgan coins just after the first and second world war, and in other places at other times. The Romans assimilated various gods of their conquered peoples under his image. Gods such as Woden, Odin, Lugas, Lieu, and Hermes have powers and areas of interest that overlap with Mercury. The English day of the week Wednesday was named after the Saxon God Woden which coincides with the French Mercredi named after Mercury. Of course there is a planet Mercury and the metallic element, described sometimes as watery silver. Altogether we have a series of overlapping ideas, which are fairly well in tune with our purpose.