A money for anyone who wants to put a gentle 3 fingers up to The System (2)

coinsmercure 002The coins have an image of the God Mercury. His image was also used on Belgan coins just after the first and second world war, and in other places at other times. The Romans assimilated various gods of their conquered peoples under his image. Gods such as Woden, Odin, Lugas, Lieu, and Hermes have powers and areas of interest that overlap with Mercury. The English day of the week Wednesday was named after the Saxon God Woden which coincides with the French Mercredi named after Mercury. Of course there is a planet Mercury and the metallic element, described sometimes as watery silver. Altogether we have a series of overlapping ideas, which are fairly well in tune with our purpose.

A money for anyone who wants to put a gentle 3 fingers up to The System

Money used to be made of gold silver or copper. Right up to the first world war, you could change paper money for gold sovereigns at the Bank of England. Then it could be changed for US dollars, and central banks could change those for gold. But since the 1970’s paper money is only supported by the fact that businesses accept it.Silver and copper coins have become copper plated steel. Paper money has become figures on a computer screen. When you borrow money from a bank they simply write it on your facebook timeline, more or less, and charge you interest.

Time to get a bit more dignity. Let’s have our own money, at least as a symbol. So I’ve ┬áset up an association to promote an alternative money. We’re starting with the 1920’s French chamber of commerce coins. They were not issued by any governement and replaced the governement issued coins, because the metal they were made of had become worth more than the face value. They are made of bronze alu, and so contain copper unlke any new UK coin, as they are nearly all now steel, with just a coating of nickel or copper.