Supermarkets to be made to sell in small quantities.

It is clear that too many people have weight problems and that supermarkets are resposible for some of this problem. There are problems with the food they sell, and with the packaging, and with their attempts to encourage their customers to buy more.
One of the causes of weight gain is eating too much. One of the causes of eating too much is buying too much. So it seems highly reasonable to say to supermarkets that  they must encourage their customers to buy in the type of quantities they would have bought before supermarkets existed. The revolutionary government will ban all offers on food that offer a lower price for buying more, and all mulipacks. Butter and substitutes, will be sold in 250g packs, all butter substitutes will be subject to VAT. Cheese will be sold at a counter, and cut to the customers request. Bacon similarly by the slice. All vegetables and fruits will be sold loose, so that the customer can buy exactly the amount the wish. Crisps will be sold in 25g packets only, and of course the price per pack is the price, whether you buy one or 10. The same will apply to pringles or doritos. Dried fruit will be sold loose or in small packs. Soft drinks of all kinds will be sold in bottles of no more than 1 litre, and carry a returnable deposit.
Alcohilic drinks will be sold at a separate counter, like cigarettes are, and must be paid for by cash or debit card, seperately from other items.

The diet appears to work.

I have personally been trying the diet I have recommended, or at least as near as practically possible. We have allocated for the 2 of us, per week, 200g of bacon, 100g of butter, 500g of cheese, 200g of lard or oil, 8 litres of milk, 500g of sugar, 10 eggs, 7 euros worth of meat, a tin of fish, fresh mackerel, a meal of fresh fish, liver or 6 sausages, unlimited homemade cereal bread, a bagette, dried fruit, oats, 2 bowls of corflakes, 2 bowls of unsweatened muesli, a bottle of orange juice, a 7 cups of cocoa, and 7 cups of coffee, unlimited vegetables, and flour, but only one large fruit, say a nectarine or banana, per day, plus a punnet of strawberies or rasberries per week, 2 whiskys. We didn’t eat all of the allowance, and only the butter, required careful managing.

Result, lost about half a kilo per week, now 80.5 kilos, so we’ll see.