The Labour party and the English

I wrote this as a comment to Labour must speak for England by Joe Jervis in Progress a Labour party magasine.
I know of at least one other person who made a comment.

Even the Guardian has the decency to not take comments, or to say it has deleted a comment.

To allow comments and then not even to look for them, just shows the utter contempt the Labour party has for everyone, not just us. To be fair my comment might well be unfair to the writer of the article, but perhaps too kind to Labour.

I do feel for Joe Jervis, he probably thinks no-one care about his article, when if fact it’s been the subject of discussion on at least one forum, twitter and elswhere.


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  1. On April 27, 2017 at 4:33 pm Mik Clayton responded with… #

    It does read a bit like an idea for marketing Labour, with perhaps just a sprinkling of actually caring about the plight of English folk. There doesn’t seem to be any feeling that anyone in the labour party is English. You should ask members of the public if Jeremy Corbyn is English, I doubt if many will know.
    Such a shame because you are right, no-one want’s the tories, but the Labour party does not recognise that England is the land of the English, it’s our home.

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