The new leaders guide

My guide on how to govern England after the revolution

The new leaders guide

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The Labour party and the English

I wrote this as a comment to Labour must speak for England by Joe Jervis in Progress a Labour party magasine.
I know of at least one other person who made a comment.

Even the Guardian has the decency to not take comments, or to say it has deleted a comment.

To allow comments and then not even to look for them, just shows the utter contempt the Labour party has for everyone, not just us. To be fair my comment might well be unfair to the writer of the article, but perhaps too kind to Labour.

I do feel for Joe Jervis, he probably thinks no-one care about his article, when if fact it’s been the subject of discussion on at least one forum, twitter and elswhere.


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  1. On April 27, 2017 at 4:33 pm Mik Clayton responded with… #

    It does read a bit like an idea for marketing Labour, with perhaps just a sprinkling of actually caring about the plight of English folk. There doesn’t seem to be any feeling that anyone in the labour party is English. You should ask members of the public if Jeremy Corbyn is English, I doubt if many will know.
    Such a shame because you are right, no-one want’s the tories, but the Labour party does not recognise that England is the land of the English, it’s our home.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

State pension age increase; Would the government be more likely to agree to this

 The plight of women born in 1953 and later and without any other income except a means tested unemployment belefit or the like worries me greatly.
Whilst I do agree that if the Waspi campaign’s  aims could be achieved rapidly it would be a great achievment I think there are better alternatives.

Just one example, benefit for being unemployed without the need to prove that you are looking for work at 62hrs, pension credit at 63 years and pension at 64 years all rising by 2 years steadily by 2020.

The lack of a need to prove that folk are looking for work would actually save the government money in administration, and put the claiment under much less stress.
Pension credit is much cheaper  than paying a pension to everyone.
And surely if anyone has to wait, it should be those that, whilst entitled to their pension they paid for, are not in dire need.

Men should be entitled to pension credit at 65 which would ease the blow of their pension rising to 66, and would show a genuine concern for fairness.

The death rate has risen by 5% in the last year so the government must be paying out less in pensions than originally expected.

However if money really does need to be saved, it could be to keep the triple lock but reduce the fixed percentage to 1%. Current pensioners would still the higher of prices or wages increase

Basque Money

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Job creation B&B

There are many people who could offer Bed & Breakfast on an occasional basis, but find it difficult to comply with all the regulations. The revolutionary governement will allow a householder who complies with all the regulations for a house to live in, to have up to 5 guests for up to 100 days a year, providing they display a notice explaining their status, and notify their local authority. Any income will be free of tax. All food provided must be traditional home cooked English food. It is important to provide vistors with an English experience.

Personal experience, better than a thesis

I won’t be quoting references to academic works in this blog, mainly  because they are unreliable, often copied off another work; what I call the goats eat washing syndrome, an often quoted non-fact. I know it’s not true because I’ve kept goats, and milked them personally. I’m going to use the same method in most sections. Personal experience, my own and also that of people I know and trust.

The new leaders will need a guide

After the revolution the new leaders will need a guide, this is it. Everyone will know what they’re fighting for. Hopefully an actual fight won’t be neccessary, but if it is, this can be your answer to the question, what are we fighting for?

We are going to look at what is wrong with our country, all the things we have lost, all the things we never had, and how to get them.

Why do I know better than the present leaders? Lots of reasons. I’ve lived in several different counties, done lots of different jobs, so I know that it really is possible to do things differently, and I’m quite old, so I can remember that, yes, in many ways it really was better back then.

We’ll be talking about all kinds of subjects over the coming weeks, from banks to diet, to housing to jobs;