Dole and work

The revolutionary will try to empower workers, and encourage them to improve their skills. Protection from unfair dismissal is one thing, but often there is a fear of leaving one job to try another in case it doesn’t work out, or indeed to leave the dole and try a jobfor fear of ending up barred from the dole. There will be 7 days waiting for a dole claim, but that will be paid upon return to work. If you leave a job voluntarily, or lose your job through your own fault you will be barred for an extra week, the first time, but longer for subsequent times.
Partners of claiments may earn up to £80 aweek without affecting the amont of dole received.

There will be a placement scheme where claiments will be offered work for 20 hours a week at minimum wage doing work considered useful for the community, but where it would be impossible to offer that work as a normal job. Grant aided activities such as the Arts or Sport could have some of their grants replaced by having these workers for free.

Refusal to accept the placement could result in a bar from the dole.The worker will be free to look for other employment outside the hours worked on the scheme.


The aim of the revolutionary government is to keep the benefit system as simple as possible, and to create the feeling that money represents work. There will always be some people who are unemployed. Job seekers allowance will be replaced by Dole. One of the problems the unemployed have is exclusion. It is important that they get out of the house and see people. All dole will be paid in cash weekly. The first requirement to getting permanent employment is to learn to turn up on time. Claiments will need to arrive on time, in a condition to work. The reward, cash, failure to do so, no money. Casual work on any day will loose a fifth of the dole money. Casual work is often a way of making contacts to obtain permanent work and so needs to be encouraged. Working on dole day is, of course, a reason not to be able to go to the dole office, but a phone call before the due time is essential. Sickness is not a reason, you have to be fit for work to claim dole. The dole officer can ask for a breath test if the claiment appears to be drunk. A postive test will bar the claiment for that week.