The aim of the revolutionary government is to keep the benefit system as simple as possible, and to create the feeling that money represents work. There will always be some people who are unemployed. Job seekers allowance will be replaced by Dole. One of the problems the unemployed have is exclusion. It is important that they get out of the house and see people. All dole will be paid in cash weekly. The first requirement to getting permanent employment is to learn to turn up on time. Claiments will need to arrive on time, in a condition to work. The reward, cash, failure to do so, no money. Casual work on any day will loose a fifth of the dole money. Casual work is often a way of making contacts to obtain permanent work and so needs to be encouraged. Working on dole day is, of course, a reason not to be able to go to the dole office, but a phone call before the due time is essential. Sickness is not a reason, you have to be fit for work to claim dole. The dole officer can ask for a breath test if the claiment appears to be drunk. A postive test will bar the claiment for that week.

Credit cards

Although it was inconvenient to us, because I didn’t know, I was very pleased to see that many restaurants and cafés wouldn’t take payment by card. This included the restaurant in the Geneva beach complex. So cash was needed, but, I hope, less of it because the cafés wouldn’t have to pay bank commission.

It is wrong that shopkeepers have to take cards or lose business, and charge cash customers the same amount even though they have no commision to pay on the cash payment.

The customer should pay the commission, and then they have the choice of giving some money to the banks or not. The same should apply to electronic payments like Paypal. The buyer should pay the commission.