Clamping and towing away.

The Revolutionary government will simply outlaw clamping. Just as it here in France.

Towing away should only to de done by council employees or the emergency services, when actual danger or serious inconvenience exsits.

If the police find a driver unable to drive, for example uninsured, banned, failed a breath test, it doesn’t follow that the vehicle should be automatically towed away. If an alternative legal driver can be found, or the vehicle could be simply collected later if the driver can sort the problem. Pay his insurance for example, or call a towing service himself. It is not good for police, public relations, for the police to be seen to be issuing punishments, rather than reporting offences, for the courts to deal with, wherever this is possible.

It doesn’t look good for the the authorities to crush cars for fiscal offences either. It’s anti-environmental, arbitrary and thuggish. This will be stopped.