Diet update, supermarkets, horses and Bank on Dave

73.9 so, very slow loss, but inside the so-called normal range.
A revolutionary government is needed more than ever. Supermarkets are not only making people fat, they are selling food products that may well contain worm-meat for all they know, or care. The horse-meat scandel was exposed by the Irish authorities, not the UK Food standards agency. Why aren’t the supermarkets that sold contaminated own-brand products being prosecuted, or closed down? Do you think a small butcher would have the same treatment?
The Financial services authority ordered the tiny savings and loan company known as bank on Dave to stop taking savings, because they thought that it looked as though he might have been operating in an unregulated manner. They have since decided that there was in fact no breach of the regulations and he can once again take deposits. So why haven’t the big banks who actually broke regulations been stopped from taking deposits?
Do government agencies actually do any good? Well not the FSA or the FSA. They’re just FSA’s aren’t they?

The diet appears to work. update

This morning I was 77.3 Kg, so, so far so good. I think the key to success, at least so far, is to have a wekly allowance of key foods, so that, a bit less now means more later. Don’t buy anything just because it’s cheap, because then you’ll eat it, buy what is on your list. The limit for meat is 7 euros, about £5.60 so that means if it’s a pack at £ 6, you can’t buy it. Our bill is less than it was, at around 60 euros a week, including non-food items. We don’t buy any take-aways or spend any other money on food.

Childrens benefits, school meals

The revolutionary government will end child tax credits because they are complicated, costly, and give money to the fairly well off who can fill in forms.

Child benefit will be simplified to £20 per week per child. For children of school age payment will be made to the mother (usually) at the post office in cash, she will require a certifacate of attendance from the school from time to time. For children below school age she will need to take the children with her to the post office. The benefit will be taxable for higher rate taxpayers. Schools will provide meals based on traditional English food made as far as possible from local fresh ingredients. This meal will include a pudding.The price will be subsidised and be about £1 a day. This will create a significant number of jobs in school canteens, and local food production. All children will be offered one-third of a pint of milk in a glass bottle per day free. Water will be proveded with meals. There will be no vending machines in school, or any kind of sale of sweetened drinks or snack bars of any kind.

A diet for a normal weight, what you must eat.

Vegitables are freely available on this diet, as on many other diets. Fruit is not. This is because the main causes of weight gain are eating too much carbohydrate and sugars, simple overeating, and eating manufactured foods with concealed ingredients and chemicals. Sugar itself isn’t the worst kind of sugar, fructose (fruit sugar) is more fattening than sugar, fruit juice is worse, sweetened fruit juce is worse still, and corn syrup, dextro type compounds added by manufactureres are worse still. So absolutely no 5 a day.
You must eat some vegitables, including some root vegitables especially carrots, but also suede, parsnip etc., you must include some leafy green vegitables such as lettuce, purple sprouting brocoli, spinach, but also leeks, peas, radish, runner beans, broad beans, whatever is in season. Rhubarb is classed as a vegitable. Potatoes are an excellent form of carbohydrate, You can have jacket potatos, mashed, roast, chips, if you have the fat left from your allowance. Duck fat makes excellent roast potatoes. You can make gravy of course, using dripping for example. You must eat somwhere near you allowace of meat, and fat.
You can substitute off ration protein foods for the bacon, ham, and sausages, such as rabbit, shell-fish etc. Some of your fat can be in the form of oil such as vergin olive oil, but remember, oils are best not heated, for frying you should use animal fat, its less likely to to form free radicals, which carry a cancer risk. You must eat something containing calcium such as cheese or milk, or lots of leafy greens. You must get some sunlight on you each day, but only for very short periods in the middle of the day in the middle of the year. You must eat some oily fish each week.