A name for the new money

Like most currencies, the euro is seen as essential, but not exactly respected. The copper coins, were always steel coated in copper and are beginning to be known as eurorouille, or eurorust. This gave me an idea for a name for the new money, Qrust. Earning a crust is a well known saying in English, but using the Q at the front makes it a new word, reminds us of Quid. Because our coins are old they do often have slight oxidation but this is self protecting verdigris, or patina. The metal mellows rather than disintigrates as iron will. The copper content makes them anti-microbial, and so even though nearly 100 years old and often dirty, they are less likely to carry hamful germs than any steel surface, even stainles steel. Does anyone have any thoughts on the name Qrust, or any other suggestions?